Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wow, its amazing how little I got done knitting-wise this week!

So I was home all week while a bunch of work was being done around the house - painting about 1/2 the interior, new heating/ac system, new hot water heater (tankless!), and then repair work for the holes they had to cut for the new vents/pipes for these. I had been hoping that I would do a little more sorting/de-cluttering of the house myself. But I honestly thought I'd have time for lots of knitting.

Well I didn't! First, it was just so hectic here I quickly realized there was no work happening on the Mystery Stole. Luckily there was no new clue this past Friday, but since it is Sunday afternoon and I go back to work next week, and I haven't knit one stitch on clue 4, I think its very doubtful I'll get that clue done before the clue 5 comes out next Friday. Oh well, I'm still way ahead of when I normally lose pace with these things.

And I didn't even really get any easy knitting done. I had thought I'd finish Kiri this week. And I'm on 7 of 12 rows in the edging. But I'm going to start adding beads now, which means its no longer a carry-along project. Which also means it will be competing with Mystery Stole for at-home knitting time. Oh well.

But I did get rid of some yarn this week. My friend Melodye stopped by one evening and took the last of the sock yarn I've been meaning to put on ebay. So that's a reduction of 3472.2 yards of yarn. Which as you'll see just barely exceeds the incoming yarn from last week, and not that from this week.

First, I never gave you a total on last week's incoming. I know the yardage for the kit, so that can go on the yarn inventory rather than the kit inventory. So the total was 3124.73 yards.

And this week:

Starting on the top row left, 2 skeins of "Buckwheat Honey" from Wooly Wonka for the Bee Fields shawl and 4 skeins for "The Iceman Cometh" sock. Last in the top row is a skein of sock yarn from Two Waters Fiberworks in the color Fleur. Bottom row, again left to right, we have Urban Gypz Hand Painted Sock yarn in "Yam, I Am;" Madelinetosh Highland Sock in "Ocean;" Dream in Color Smooshy Sock in "Wisterious" and "Beach Fog;" Knotty Sheep Painted Ladies Lace in "Dragon Ladies & Dragon Knights" (2 skeins); and Trekking pro natura in color 1508 (a denim tweed). The 2 kits have to go on that list, the yardage on the remainder - 4441!

Its really too bad I mostly buy lace and sock yarns - bulky would have much less yardage!

And I started a Clapotis to use up some yarn I've never been happy with in any other pattern. It will be easy enough to be a carry-along project. I think I have enough yardage for a scarf-size. And I'll put it in the gifts pile when I'm done.

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