Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Hometown

Well I saw a link to this tool in someone else's blog, and for fun searched in Flickr for my hometown. You forget how pretty a place is until you see it through other's eyes!

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

1. Westfield - Stanley Park, 2. River otter, Westfield River, 3. westfield atheneum, 4. Westfield Municipal Building, 5. Old Barn, 6. buried, 7. Covered Bridge, 8. Dinosaur Tracks, 9. Columbia by Westfield - 1941, 10. Picturesque, 11. Grandmother's Garden, 12. Why it's called "Whip City", 13. Way Up There, 14. falls, 15. proud, 16. Blue Angels

Monday, June 02, 2008

June resolutions

Well, first, how did I do with May's - horrid. Despite the fact that they were very modest. I didn't finish a single thing except this wee small sock to the right. I made this with the leftovers from Gayle's birthday socks that were finished in April. Plus, it was started in May also (okay, so it took an hour or so to do!), so didn't even reduce the WIP count by 1! So not only did I not reduct the WIP count back to 16, I actually started another project so overall the number went up by one! So now the WIP count is 19.

I didn't have a stash reduction goal for May, as it was my birthday month and I had essentially decided that I would let myself get a few things I had been lusting after. I didn't make it to Maryland or any other festival, but I still did some real damage. The net increase in my stash is 9913.43 yards! Wowzer, I guess I let myself get a few things. The worst part was the yearly stash reduction figure is now a negative 2115.6 yards. I'd really not intended to let the overall numbers go in the wrong direction.

So anyway, more yarn going out than going in is a BIG goal for this month. Getting the overall tally into the negative might be ambitious, as a few of those lace clubs are shipping again this month. But I will find away to get the month going in the right direction at least. I think what this really means is now that the travel is off the schedule for a while I must reacquaint myself with Ebay. I have sold some stuff off Ravelry, but I think the things that have been on my "trade/sell" list there for a while will be moving over to Ebay.

And to focus the WIP reduction, I plan to finish Amandine's shawl, Margarethe's socks, and the Yummy mittens. That would get me to that 16 WIP goal from last month!