Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 recap

I was reviewing my 2009 finished knitting projects yesterday, and I thought I'd share some observations.

Total finished - 23. One more than 2008. As much as I feel the knitting has really slacked off this year, it does appear I did more even beyond the one extra. 2008 was all small projects, and one (the christmas ornaments) wasn't even knitting.

2009 featured 3 large projects. Okay, so one, Toad's Aran, only involved the sewing up and adding a neck. But given how I abhor finishing (which is one reason for the mini projects), I feel rather proud of that one. The other two were large shawls that I knit start to finish this year.

It was also the year for repeat knitting - 2 pairs of Bella's mittens, 2 Striped scarves and 7 Darkside cowls. I've never been one to repeat a pattern before, so this is quite odd.

The last FO of 2008 and 2009 were both the same pattern - Striped scarves (so there have actually been 3 of those in quick succession).

So here's the actual list:

Arctic Diamonds Stole
Miniature Sweater Ornament
Pastel Bunny
7 Darkside Cowls (link is to the first)
Grace Kelly Scarf
Best Friend Scarf
Crystal Garden Scarf (first keeping up with a KAL!)
2 Bella's mittens (link to second)
Bactus scarf
Just Enough Ruffles scarf
Toad's Aran
Celtic Hearts Shawl
2 Noro Striped Scarves (link to second)
Concerto scarf
Naughty Reindeer hat