Monday, February 16, 2009

What do you knit when brain-dead?

Well the big work project made one of its milestones last Friday, which meant I could work a little less this weekend. So I decided to post, but about what? I mean I've been leaving the house about 4:30 am and returning most commonly about 8:30 pm on the last train. Though there was the night it broke down and I was even later. And believe me, I doubt you'd be interested in the work project.

This little bunny was a gift for a friend's birthday earlier this month. In large part because the knitting is "knit a garter stitch square" which was almost beyond my abilities of late! In fact, the sewing up almost stumped me, but it helped to take a deep breath and actually read the directions rather than glancing briefly at the pictures and deciding I knew what to do!

The other square is a close-up of a Darkside Cowl I did after the wee bunny. Not too difficult - a tube and once the stitch pattern was set up it was easy enough to follow without the pattern. BUT, this was my first Malabrigo, which really is as yummy as I've heard people say. With a lot of relatives in New England that appreciate warm things I see more of these in my future.

I'm also taken with how stretchy this stitch pattern is. Given my fat feet I think I'm going to have to give socks in this pattern a try, once I can use brain space for something other than work.