Sunday, November 02, 2008


So like I said, in October I had a bad case of startitis. I started the following eight projects (all Ravelry links):

1. Backyard Leaves Scarf
2. Monteagle Bag
3. Earflap Devil Hat
4. Big Bulky Socks
5. Sunday Scarf
6. AspenGlo Wrap
7. Puff Daddy Scarflet
8. Gathered Scarf

Luckily, I apparently had an almost equally severe case of finishitis.  I finished four of the above (2, 3, 4, and 7), finished two projects started earlier, and ripped one.

First, I finally got around to felting and adding a tassel to the Fez for Penuche.  The picture is there to the left, but I included the Ravelry link for more info.  Especially since I know those of you with cats are thinking "oh, that cat looks so happy I should make one for my own cat."

Second, I finished the September Sockdown socks I posted about previously.

Last, I ripped out a pair of socks.  The stitch pattern made the sock torque, and despite lots of "don't worry, its not a problem when wearing them posts on Ravelry I decided I just wasn't enjoying the actual knitting and was uneasy.  So that's the yarn I'm using on #8 above.

So last, just to humiliate my cat a little more, here's a picture of her being forced to model the Puff Daddy. Which, by the way if a very quick fun knit and I already have the yarn for two more lined up.