Sunday, October 05, 2008

Finally, I finished something!

Well if Blogger doesn't update the date, you'll be able to tell that I actually started this post 13 days ago.

I won't change the title, even though back then all I did was title this and add that picture you see. Which was my first FO in a while and I thought "phew, finally I can post about actual knitting, rather than just acquiring yarn!" Those was for the Sock Knitter's Anonymous group on Ravelry's September challenge - Orange. I think they are, don't you?

I'll get back with a better recap later, but there have been a few new starts this month, but also more finishing! And of course a little more acquiring. Including breaking my "no more clubs" vow for the Shakespeare in Lace Club. I mean really, could I have been expected to resist that????

And then today a friend and I went on a hunt for the yarn for Puff Daddy (look at the October 27th post, since I think that will take you to all of October). We didn't find anything suitable over our lunch hour, but then came back to an ad email for a shop with the specified yarn 15% off. It seemed like a sign!