Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Made some progress in June!

Well my WIP count went from 18 to 12 last month! Unfortunately, taking pictures of things haven't happen. Will try at some point.

The six that came off the list were evenly divided between ripped and finished.

Ripped projects include the latest 2-color Noro scarf (I just wasn't liking the two colors this time, so 1 scarf will become 2 when I find better matches for each), the Gaia shawl (just not loving the pattern even though I loved the shop sample, maybe the color matters), and Slippers for Her (after accidently pulling it off the needles when sorting a messy bag, but I hadn't gotten far).

Finished projects include Bronte scarf, Lacy Baktus scarf, and Desert Sun shawl. Two of those were projects that I could only do when I could concentrate. I have no excuses for why Lacy Baktus took so long!

So here's the list as of the end of June:

Baby - 0

Hat - 1
Bonkers Hat

Household - 1
Log Cabin afghan

Mittens - 2
Yummy Mittens
Twined Wristers

Novelty - 1
Mini Flag

Scarf - 2
Angel Pearls
Unisex Scarf

Shawl or Wrap - 2
Leaf Lace Shawl

Socks or other footwear - 1
Travelers Socks

Sweaters - 2
Philosopher's Wool cardigan - will be ripped as soon as I find it!

I'll confess that I have started a baby sweater at the beginning of July. Maybe I'll finish by the end of the month, or maybe find the Philosopher's Wool cardi to rip it out. Or maybe even finish at least one more of the more complicated WIPs still on the list. Currently I'm focusing on the Unisex scarf.