Monday, August 20, 2007

Well I started something new - but I also finished it!

Presenting extremely quick fingerless gloves:

I've been hearing about the knitting guild in Hanover County for a while. When I was meeting with some Richmond friends at a Panera in July we ran into some ladies who were with the group. So I was able to find out time and place so I could check out the group.

Their program for last Saturday was fingerless gloves. The president, Fran, emailed me the homework last Monday. So I ran out at lunch and bought some yarn (which was way easier than digging it from stash!) and new needles (again, not like I have any of those at home!). We had to knit to where the thumbhole would be going in before the meeting. I got both done to that point, so I was able to finish them up yesterday.

I actually ripped back the first one after it was finished so I could extend the cuff another inch, since I knew I'd have enough yarn.

Not being used to working with chunky yarns, I was worried that one skein wouldn't be enough, so I bought two. Now I'm trying to decide whether to return the second skein, or make a matching scarf or hat with it and the little yarn I have left from the first.

I also received an order from Carodan Farm that I had placed a little while back. One skein of the limited edition Tofutsies for August, and four skeins of Lorna's Laces sock (2 in Black Purl and 2 in Seaside), just so I'd get free shipping.

So the net stash increase for this week is 1427.95, and the WIP change is 0.

Oh, and I received my Ravelry invite last Thursday, so I've been wasting too much time there! My name is vaknitter if you're there.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another stash increase, of course!

Really, could I have been expected to resist!

After my Colorsong Yarn arrived last week I wandered to their site to see what was new. Bad plan! On the left we have Handmaiden Tussah Silk in Amber. It called to me for 5 days before I gave in and purchased three skeins. The site is like the Borg. And since its flat rate shipping, well I picked up that Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester Aran on the right to make a bag for my Denise Needle set and accessories (free pattern on Cat Bordhi's site).

And in the middle. Well I went to my favorite beaded knitting site, Earthfaire , to pick up a pattern. The yarn in middle is Mama Llama Silken Cashmere - 55% silk and 45% cashmere. The stuff is like trying to photograph jewelry - the flash just bounces off of it!

So the stash is up 2922.2 yards.

On the other hand, I haven't given in to the urges to start another project!

Monday, August 06, 2007

A little late checking in!

I do have a finished object to report this week, but no pictures. I finished my Kiri using Colinette Parisienne and beads, but I haven't blocked it. The house is still in too much of an uproar to find room to block this baby. So pictures will have to wait.

I also ripped out another project. This is yarn I've never found anything that it looks good in. I thought I'd try a scarf based on the Clapotis pattern, and that was working to break up the bad activity of the colors. But I really don't like the colors I decided. So rip, and I give up and will donate this yarn to the prison. Here's a pic if you want to see:

Actually, on my computer that pic doesn't make it look too bad as its washed out. The green is the problem color - its somewhere between lime and olive and not attractive.

And oh, yes, some new yarn arrived!

From left to right we have:

-3 skeins of Nature's Palette Organic Worsted Weight Columbia Wool in Spring Grass
-1 skein of Seacoast Handpainted Yarns Superwash Sock in Sunny Day
-2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Rainforest (limited edition for August)
-2 skeins of Ruby Sapphire Treadsoft, 1 in Brian and 1 in Antoinette

The odd thing here is the Spring Grass yarn is a little washed out, while the Treadsoft are dark. They are dark skeins, but not quite as dark as they look there - one is blues and greens and the other purples and olives.

So the net result for this week is up 1934.93 yards (I'm not counting the yarn I'll donate until I actually do), and down 2 WIPs.

I think the stash increase rate as at least slowed a little!