Monday, January 15, 2007

3 FO's and Facing Reality

Well I not only finished the two things I promised this weekend, I finished a third.

First, dragon scarf from Morehouse Merino. I knew I'd get this done as it was blocking and just needed the eyes and smoke added when it dried.

Second, Harvest Cable socks from an old Opal yarn. This is one of the many single socks that were in my basket after I burned out on socks a few years back. Again, I knew I'd finish because I only had one toe left to graft.

Third, Ruffled fingerless gloves from "Not Just Socks" using Regia yarn. One was done, but the second was a bit of a surprise. I was a little sick this weekend, so got more knitting time in than I expected.

Total yardage out of the stash - a whopping 1204.09. NOT!

So I started to wonder how my "reducing WIPs" goal meshed with the "reducing the stash goal."

In the process I discovered a couple of discrepancies. First, the Regia yarn was listed incorrectly in the spreadsheet, reducing the stash by an additional 229.66 yards. Plus, I missed listing a cardigan kit in the tally - a Philosopher's Wool kit that was correctly counted in the WIP list.

Next, I tallyed how much the stash would be reduced if I finished all of the WIPs (which isn't even the goal). That would get me a 26503.04 yard reduction in the stash - so maybe half way to the stash reduction goal. Clearly I will have to do much more to reach the stash reduction goal than knit, so its time to think about going back in and destashing some more. So you may be seeing more of that soon.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Okay, new year, "new" blog

Okay, so I'm going to start really tracking my knitting in an attempt to keep track of what is going on with my stash.

Currently I have 350,182.14 yards of yarn!!!!! The previous pictures are still pretty accurate. I'd like to get it under 300,000 by the end of the year.

I have 34 WIPs (works-in-progress). I'd like to get the WIPs under 10 by the end of the year.

Plus the following kits I couldn't account for yardage-wise - 1 cardigan, 1 christmas stocking, 4 hats, 1 mittens, 4 purses, 1 shawl, 3 socks, 1 vest and 4 "novelties" (i.e., beaded fish). Probably not realistic to say they'll be gone by the end of the year, but cut in half maybe?

Baby steps. But I'm soooooo close to getting two WIPs finished - definately by the end of the coming long weekend!