Monday, February 19, 2007

Since my last post...

(The pictures I talk about in this post are in the previous post to this one.)

I finished 2 cat mats I purchased at Morehouse Merino around Christmas time - took 660 yards out of the stash each. The picture is the second one. The first one was the same but blue where the orange is in this one. Not too exciting so I didn't bother taking a picture.

I also finished a pair of socks - the second picture. Another 464.78 yards out of the stash.

I've also bought some stuff. One skein Euroflax line - 270 yards up. One of my sock club kits arrived - another 503 yards up. Twenty balls of Cotolino. A great sale but a 2296.6 yard increase! Two new sock yarns I had to try - Apple Laine Apple Pie and Regia Bamboo Colors for a total of 1007.44 yards.

I put 8 auctions up on ebay. All have sold, but only 4 have been paid for to date, so I'll only count 5677.66 yards gone to date.

I've also been on a bit of a ripping spree with the WIPs. The third picture is a "Lost Points Stole." Ever since I started this I wish I had done something differently. The pattern has you cast on a large number of stitches (the long side of a rectangle) and knit for a certain lenght. Then you pick up around the other three edges and work in the round outward for the stole. I've always felt it would be funny to have one edge worked from live stitches on that center rectangle and the other three from not live stitches. Since the pickup would be easier if I only had to do the short sides, I was wishing I had cast-on with a provisional cast-on and could use live stitches on the other long side. The only thing that had held me back was how slippery the yarn is to handle. I swear the initial balling, and now the ripping and reballing of this yarn was more work than the actual knitting. But its done and that's one less WIP!

The fourth picture is a hat. I took a mitered squares class, and we were given a "pattern" where you knit a strip, join it in the round, pick up stitches and work the top of a hat. I got that far on this one but had never figured out what to do with the bottom edge, and didn't think the hat would be something I'd like even if I finished. I had another strip ready to go. Both got ripped. This one was the start of a Multidirectional Scarf, and I've knit all the ripped yarn plus some so far. I'll be much happier with the scarf. For the other yarn, I had already knit a mitten with some of the yarn. I kept pretty good notes - except WHAT SIZE NEEDLE I USED! I think I'm going to try and figure out the needle and knit the other mitten. Then maybe a simple beanie with the rest of that yarn.

The last picture is a gorgeous sweater I started knitting at least 10 years ago. I still love the sweater, love the yarn. But I'm fairly certain my knitting has changed so much you'd always see the ine where I picked it up again. So all that yarn is ripped out, dipped in hot water to relax it and is now drying in the tub. Probably will restart this some day.

There's one more WIP I had decided to rip, but I've actually "sold" it. Once its paid for I'll count the yardage in my minus column, but I've already taken it off the WIP list.

I have started two new projects - some toe-up socks with the new Bamboo yarn and that scarf. So since you probably can't keep track any more - the WIP count stands at 27!

Some pictures, with an explaination to come