Sunday, July 15, 2007

Still working in the wrong direction

First the sock yarn from Carodan Farm came - Tofutsies June Limited Edition w/ pattern and Claudia's Handpaint in Blue Skies.

Then the Posh Yarn came - from left to right, Allegra laceweight (20% silk, 20% cashmere, & 60% cotton), Emily sock yarn (80% wool, 10% cashmere, & 10% angora), and Eva laceweight (55% silk & 45% cashmere). Only the last was bought with a specific project in mind, the rest were a whim. And until I received the pattern I didn't realize I may have moved on to a new color trend!

But I did finish my first toe-up sock using a short row toe and heel:

So the finally tally?

Increase of 3519.95 yards and decrease of 462 yards this week. Net change since July 1st - increase of 3975.33 yards. Current yardage in stash - 379484.47 yards.

Decrease of 1 WIP, to a current total of 28.

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