Monday, September 17, 2007

Quickie until I get back to Virginia

Well I said I was taking my Aunt to Webs while I was up here, but that's happening today.

But Saturday I had to take my niece to her job, and decided to take a quick run up "to check on the store hours for Monday." So while I was there I decided to look for the stuff on my shopping list, so I could focus on helping my Aunt today. Are you buying any of this????

So this is what I bought at Webs on Saturday - 1 skein of the Alpaca Silk Handyed, 2 balls of Filatura di Crosa Superior (1 for me and 1 for Gayle), AND (not on the list but I noticed while I walked by) 1 skein of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox and 1 skein of Natural Cotton (blanking on the name but its the one for the One Skein baby bolero). Plus 2 shawl/stole patterns.

Then yesterday we went down to Tiverton Four Corners and my sister remembered that the sheep ornament kits she had ordered for me were at the yarn shop. So we went there to pick those up, and I found the one color of Kidsilk Haze I'm looking for Modern Quilt Squares. Oh, and 1 ball of Calmer for a hat for an aunt who's undergoing chemo treatments right now.

Plus I vaguely remember that some stuff had come mail order since last weekend.

I'll post better details and photos of the pile when I get back.

Anyone think I won't buy anything else at Webs today?

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