Sunday, September 30, 2007


Check it out! I finished something from the great New England buying spree of a couple weeks ago!

Yarn keeps mysteriously showing up at my house. Another 3001 yards this past week. One of the things was the Knit Picks Palette to start Spilly Jane's Sea Mineral Mittens (see the link on the right side of her blog). This was one of the first patterns I found after joining Ravelry and I've been waiting for her to post the pattern. I'm dying to start them, but I also have some Christmas knitting looming over my head so I'm torn.

So here's a question - what knitting web sites would you be better off not visiting (lest you find yarn mysteriously showing up at your house also)? For me two big killers are Earthfaire and Naturesong Yarn or any of its sister sites. 'Nuf said.

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