Monday, September 10, 2007

I can't resist showing you some pictures

The first two are Wollmeise yarn that I purchased direct from Bavaria. Claudia was great to work with.

And these yarns are even prettier than I imagined! I may have to do something with them other than socks just to show them off!

The last is from Zen Yarn Garden's Art Walk Sock Club. This was my first month with the club, and unfortunately it will be my last. She's also started a semi-solid club, and lately I'm more drawn to those types of yarns. So as much as I like this yarn, I've made the decision to stick only with the other club. But if you aren't in too many sock clubs, I'd recommend checking this out. Its a month to month commitment only.

Okay, so true confession time. I did finally get that yarn to the friend that know's someone who works at the jail, so 475 yards out of the stash. But the sock yarn buying frenzy continues, so I was also up 6170 yards! About 1/3 of that is a cone of Henry's Attic fingering for some dye experiments, but still! And next weekend I'm heading to Massachusetts and promised to take my aunt to Webs.

P.S. Click on the pictures and they'll supersize so you can really get a sense of how gorgeous they are!

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