Sunday, January 06, 2008

So a week in I still feel good

Well about the knitting resolutions anyway. I'm fighting a terrible cold, so that I don't even feel like knitting much.

I've decided that I'm not going to post numbers weekly, only monthly. But thanks to Ravelry I am ahead of the game at this point. As I've been updating the stash with pictures, I moved a few things into "for sale or trade" that I no longer was interested in the project for or couldn't think of one. Well I got a message about one of those this week and sold a couple skeins of Silky Wool that way. And someone wrote about another skein and I decided I could let that one go also. So yardage-wise I'm ahead even though some of the January club yarns also arrived this week. There's quite a few more coming, so I either need to destash more or get in the mood to knit to stay on the right side of the ledger!

So this means that if you're on Ravelry feel free to shop my stash. Even if I don't list it as "sale or trade" I'm fairly open to the idea of getting rid of stuff, unless I have a specific project in mind I'm still eager to do that is.

I'm leaving Wednesday for Massachusetts. I was planning to go up later in the month anyway for a delayed family holiday party, but my father needs to go to Idaho so I'm going earlier to stay with my mom. Hopefully I'll get a fair bit of knitting done sitting and visiting with her.

But Becky may be coming up to join me during the trip, in which case a trip to Webs would definately be on the agenda. Lord save me from myself!

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