Friday, January 18, 2008

Murphy's Law

For years when people asked I said that yarn would be a good gift for me, or yarn shop gift certificates, etc. And they always said something like, "you have lots of yarn, that's not a good gift."

Flash forward and we reach a point where I've come to the conclusion that I really do have too much yarn. I see my sister yesterday for the first time in a while and what does she have for my Christmas present - two skeins of yarn! Lace weight with lots of yardage to throw off the January resolution!

Now in her defense, this is gorgeous stuff. The picture is one of the skeins, but it doesn't do it justice. They are both Posh Yarn Eva 2ply lace - a silk and cashmere blend. The one pictured is called Lustre, which is a very appropriate name and hence the reason its hard to photograph. And get this, the other is called Violets, and I'd already bought a skein of that for myself. Great mind right!

I think I created a monster giving her some Posh last year. She doesn't want to knit with anything else! I gave her some Handmaiden cashmere yesterday and we'll see if that takes. On the other hand, I ended up with her Filatura di Crosa Superior yesterday because she decided she couldn't stand that yarn.

I just re-calculated the yardage tally for this month, and I'm still negative (meaning I've used/destashed more than I've gained) but not by a lot. So heaven help me - we're going to Webs today!


Cathy said...

Well,you are in the negtive now but you need to post after your Web's trip. I bet you won't still be in the negative! LOL

Mary in VA said...

Okay, I know nobody is going to believe this but this is all I bought at Webs:

- Fiber Trends Hydrangea Lace Scarf pattern
- 2-pack of bent tip darning needles

Really, this is not a joke!

Susie said...

I can vouch for Mary...she was really good at Webs! I will also second that the Posh yarn has spoiled me for much else. I like the Handmaiden but it is a little clunky, I might only knit Posh, lace weight or cobweb from now on! This mobius thing is crazy knitting black magic...voodoo knitting! I am pretty sure my church frowns on this sort of thing!