Monday, October 25, 2010

Overdue September Check-in!

So the count from September to October stayed the same, but at least I have some pictures.

To the left is a friend's granddaughter modeling the first baby sweater made with a kit from Knit Picks. When I saw it I thought it was cute and the colors would probably be perfect for her, and I think I was right. I modified it by turning the cardigan into a henley. I can't wait to meet this kid in person because every pic I've seen she's like this, and I think she may be the happiest baby ever.

Another friend also recently became a grandparent, this time a boy, so I started a second sweater. I changed the bubble stitch to stripes in the yoke, and used Knit Pick Shine because I wanted brighter colors. Went with a patriotic colorway because daddy is in the Army. Just as I was finishing I thought, "hmmm, maybe I should have gone for olive, tan, etc." Anyway, I just finished it this weekend so slipped it in even though it technically doesn't fit in a September recap!

All in all I'm happy with my latest attempts to get the WIPs under control. Only one category still has more than one project, and the total is under 10 which is amazing for me.

So here's the official list as of the end of September:

Baby - 1
Patriotic Little Bubbles sweater

Hat - 1
Bonkers Hat

Household - 1
Log Cabin afghan

Mittens - 2
Yummy Mittens
Twined Wristers

Novelty - 1
Mini Flag

Scarf - 0

Shawl or Wrap - 1

Socks or other footwear - 1
Travelers Socks

Sweaters - 1

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