Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well despite saying for weeks that I wasn't going because "it's not like I need any yarn," Saturday dawned as the first sunny day in a week and I was itchy to get outside and Montpelier beckoned.

My non-yarn purchase was this ceramic spindle and bowl from Steam Valley Fiber. Perfect fall day just seemed to call for an acorn spindle!

The festival seemed very crowded to me, but I'm not so good with crowds. Not sure if lots of people had the same urge I did, or if Saturday is just busier than Sunday when I've gone in the past.

And yes, there were yarn purchases. First some Tin Silk from Tintagel Farms, then some Color Changing Cotton from Wolle's Yarn Creations, and last some Hand Dyed Brushed Mohair from Steam Valley Fiber. The cotton was the only purchase I had planned on. I'd looked at this yarn last year but was being very good and not buying any then. I'm going to knit a small scarf for a friend who's in a Red Hat group to try it. The others, I don't know, but I just loved the colors!

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Cheryl in VA said...

With my departure from VA a dear friend/enabler who attended the Montpelier festival presented me with a spindle and several bits of lovely fiber to start the spinning madness in my world. She knew Rick couldn't harass me about it as it was given as a gift. What a great friend. Now I just need to start the process. I think I shall wait until I have completed my holiday knitting. I have a pretty hefty plan this year, since I have a road trip and 2 cross country flights planned for before the holidays. Must keep knitting....