Monday, March 10, 2008

Noro Mittens

Well I finally finished these mittens.

I took a mitered knitting class a while back and had picked up some Noro Silk Garden for the class - I think it was on sale and I knew the colors would look nice in miters. Generally, I'm not a Noro fan. I know, that's probably sacrilege to most, but its the truth.

Anyway, we got a hat pattern in the class - a pillbox style with miters for the sides. I knew I'd have enough yarn for more than the hat and I'm anal enough to think winter accessories should come in sets, so I made a mitten to go with it.

And then like most projects, it got put aside.

When I was going through WIPs/UFOs this last year I decided to rip the hat - just really didn't like the style. But I liked the concept of the mitten. It may be hard to see but its K1,P1 ribbing throughout so very forgiving for a variety of hands.

Unfortunately my notes were vague at best - 22 rows for cuff, 25 rows to thumb. That's it! Looking at the mitten I was thinking "CUFF????" But I looked close and I had increased a couple of stitches right where the hand flares out from the arm.

Anyway, I made a second mitten as close as I could, keeping better notes. Then I also remembered that I had made the first with lots of leftover bits so it didn't have any of the purple or even the brighter green. So I made a third mitten, and finally have a pair that I'm happy with.

So these will go in the give-away box.

And so I remember what I did if I decide to do it again, here are my notes:

Cast on 44 stitches.

Work 22 rows in K1, P1 ribbing.

Increase 1 stitch in first two stitches of next row (46 stitches).

Work 25 rows.

Work 9 stitches in waste yarn, slide worked stitches back to left needles and continue working 20 more rows.

1st decrease row: *Work in pattern 6 stitches, K2tog, repeat from * 3 more times, work in pattern to end (42 stitches).

Work 1 row even.

2nd decrease row: *Work in pattern 5 stitches, K2tog, repeat from * to end of round (36 stitches).

Work 1 row even.

Continue pattern of these 2 rows until 12 stitches remain, ending with a work even row.

Thread tail through live stitches and draw tight to close top of mitten.

Pick out stitches worked in contrast yarn, putting live stitches on needle. When working first round, pick up stitches between two rows of live stitches to eliminate holes. Work 15 more rounds in pattern, reducing to 18 stitches within first two rounds.

K2 tog around.

Knit one round.

Slip one, K2tog, psso round.

Thread tail through 3 remaining stitches and draw tight to close thumb.

Weave in ends.

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