Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's been a while, but I've been busy

So I'd like to blame my lack of posts on how busy I've been, but that's not really true, though I have been busy.

Let's start with a recap of last year.

In my last post I noted that I'd been looking at the stash hard. Inspired by the fact that in August I had more yarn go out than in for the first time since I started tracking the stash, I was determined to destash. Well my plan seems to be working. In November, I reduced the stash by a little over 4,000 yards. In December, by 39,636! Then it seems that a lot of people when stash shopping in early January, and even though I was without internet essentially the first week while I was in Cedar Key, Florida January is looking very good. So far I'm down another 27,658. On the other hand, I was rather bad Tuesday and placed an order with Webs, but I don't think enough to totally offset that.

My plan to allow myself only one WIP is also working in the right direction. At the end of the year I was down to 9 WIPs, from a high of 24.

I haven't really made resolutions for this year. I plan to continue the above, since it seems to be working.

I'd really like to have all the old WIPs done before the end of the year. Unfortunately, I'm violating the one per category rule lately because I'm working on projects for others.

When I'm done with those projects I'd really like to knit for myself more than I have been. We'll see how that goes.


Cheryl in AZ said...

good luck with the knitting for self more than others... I keep saying I am going to do that. In fact most of the patterns I pick out I pick out for me - but then knit them for others...
Way to go on the knitting down stash. I have been working only from stash and plan to continue to do just that. I have bought yarn for about (or possibly even over) a year now.

Olivia-Lee said...

Mary, Olivia in Beaverdam here...You wouldn't have any Melody (Yarn Treehouse 101) in your overflowing stash...I'd be happy with a similar color.
This one is a very pale green/blue/lavender.

e-mail me

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Quite impressive and you've been very busy. I enjoyed reading about how you're downsizing your stash.
I'm in the southwest part of the Commonwealth, Thistle Cove Farm.