Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Moving along well with the new plan

Did pretty well in May on the new plan to try and get down to no more than 1 WIP in each of those categories. The total WIP count has dropped to 18. I ripped out three - Mystery Stole 3, Aspen Glo Wrap and Finola. I decided the first and third just weren't me. The middle I'll probably start again narrower - I thought it was too narrow for a stole, but didn't think I had enough yarn to make it wider. But it was nice. I did carve out the time to graft together the Sunday Scarf. My first time grafting ribbing, so that was interesting.

I also started another Noro Striped Scarf for my trip to Geneva. I thought I would finish the Lacey Baktus before the trip ended if I took it. Of course, I had barely any time to knit, so wouldn't have finished the Lacey Baktus and only knit about 10 rows on the striped scarf. I'll admit I thought about ripping it out to make the count look better, but I'll need another easy project at some point.

Most of the month was spent focused on the Desert Sun shawl. I wish I'd made note of when exactly I picked it up again. This was from a mystery KAL in the summer of '06. I was following apace until the third clue, which I struggled with and eventually abandoned the project. When I picked it up again I worked through clue 4 pretty easy. I started the edging last Wednesday. There are 576 stitches around, and you eat up one of those for every 2 rows of the edging. Still, I'd hoped I might finish with the long weekend but no such luck. Currently, I'm 11/12's done, but I need to resist the urge to stay up and finish it as I have to get up at 3am for work for the first time in days. So anyway, here's the current list:

Baby - 0

Hat - 1
Bonkers Hat

Household - 1
Log Cabin afghan

Mittens - 2
Yummy Mittens
Twined Wristers

Novelty - 1
Mini Flag

Scarf - 5
Angel Pearls
Unisex Scarf
Lacy Backtus
Noro Striped Scarf

Shawl or Wrap - 4
Leaf Lace Shawl
Desert Sun Shawl
Gaia Shawl - still trying to decide whether or not to rip

Socks or other footwear - 2
Travelers Socks
Slippers for Her

Sweaters - 2
Philosopher's Wool cardigan - will be ripped as soon as I find it!

I have a couple projects to start soon - a pair of socks I promised a friend and a baby gift, but not until I finish Desert Sun!

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