Monday, March 02, 2009

I Actually Sorta Made Resolutions This Year

I joined two Ravelry groups and made related plans in each of them. My problem is I never have time to keep up with groups there, but I really would like to do these. So I figured I'd also list things here to help me keep track.

The first group was the Christmas 2009 Monthly Make-Ahead. I like the idea of this since many of the monthly themes were things I'd be making for Christmas anyway, and the others, well, who can't use an extra thing for a present at some point! So this is the list. I've put Ravelry links when I've finished things and ideas in italics. For this one I'm only counting things finished in the appropriate month.

January - Ornament (or two) for tree or house Sweater Ornament

February - Scarf or Shawl Number 1 Orange Cowl and Grace Kelly Scarf

March - Gloves (with or without fingers), mittens, or socks (yes, this is a make a pair month!) - YoYo Mittens for ? (maybe me!)

April - Hat Number 1 or a tea cozy - Reindeer Love for John

May - open - crafter’s choice - gnomes, anyone?

June - a child’s toy

July - iPod, cell phone, or coffee cup cozies

August - Dishcloths/ washcloths/dishtowels and/or felted soap

September - Charity Gift project

October - Scarf or Shawl Number 2

November - Hat Number 2 - Weeweechu Christmas Tree for Fr. Tim

December – UFO’s from the above, felted soap, or felted slippers - Oomingmacks for ?

other hats - Fish Hat for Kathleen

The second group was the Ravelry Queue Challenge of 2009. At some point last year I deleted everything in my queue that I didn't already have yarn for (well I fav'd them instead). Despite that my queue had 177 items in it! But this had the added benefit of knitting from stash. So these were my goals, based on categories I had organized the queue in:

2 baby

1 hat

2 jewelry (bead soup bracelet)

3 mittens

1 scarf Orange Cowl, Grace Kelly Scarf and Best Friend Scarf

1 shawl

AND, for the last I added the idea of not increasing the current number of WIPs.

For that I am going down - I started with 20 and now I have 18!

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Joanne said...

Thanks for your wonderful and celebratory note on my blog! I was so excited to hear you ordered not one but two copies of the book!! Hurray! I hope you'll squeeze one of these designs into your queue this year...