Monday, August 11, 2008

August is not looking better at this point!

Well work in general has been a bit of a bear of late. And the stress does seem to be making me do stupid things like slamming my hand in the car door last Sunday. By now that's pretty much better. I really got lucky I think having the main spot be between two knuckles. Given how swollen it was most of the week, I had to think what it would have been like if I hit a knuckle directly!

But the stress causing self-injury continues. Monday I'm opening a plastic bottle of tea and there is a sharp place at the mold seam on the bottle. My mind registers dimly registers the pain, but I keep opening the bottle and in the process slice up the side of my thumb.

And the work stress kicks up a notch last week, which means I never get home before 8pm any night, and I get up at 4am because of my long commute. Except for the day I get up at 3am because I have to be in earlier than normal. And what does my cat Baloo do while I'm in the shower that morning -


I think she was taking all my mumbling about my crappy life too literally!

This past weekend I did find time to go through the pile of mail. A lot of yarn was in there! I've added 5412 yards to the stash so far this month! Luckily, the only club that I'm still expect is Webs Skein of the Month, and even if they send laceweight how much worse can it get. But I think its a good thing I did get back to knitting last weekend, but I'm really going to have to kick it up a notch to even come close to breaking even!

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Cheryl in VA said...

It is really amazing how our 4-leggeds really do listen to what we say... and then mirror it back to us in their own "words"...

Glad to hear at least one hand is doing better, although the thumb thing can be kind of knitting "prohibitive". I am sure you will find a way.

Take care and good luck getting back on track with your knitting goals. Right now I am the closest I have ever come to a real goal, and that is, completing my Olympics project on time, if not possibly early.