Monday, February 18, 2008

Trades are fun!

Okay, so in my last post I mentioned surprising me with something from where you live as a trade for some of my yarn. And the first one from my end anyway was so much more than I ever could expect. The only thing I feel bad about is that apparently the Royal Mail is so much better than the US Postal Service that its not even funny. I've had my package since early last week and Jan is still waiting for her yarn to arrive in Scotland.

So I'm think Scotland, hmm, maybe shortbread or scotch (which my father and BIL would have enjoyed but not me), or .... Okay, I did wonder whether haggis was something you could mail, but had decided I'd at least I'd give it a try if it came!

Instead I get some cards - one with a small scene with sheep and the heading "missing ewe," two with print of textiles by Susan Woodcock from Blue Beyond Cards, and the last card a print of a painting by Martin Devine.

AND... The original painting you see here by Martin Devine called Scottish Landscape No. 71. I LOVE IT!

The best part is that I'm currently trying to put together a room in the house that will be my craft room. This is definitely going on the wall there.

Oh I only hope Jan's yarn arrives soon and she likes it as much as she expected!

Thank you Jan!


Anonymous said...

I will trade you Angus for his weight in cashmere. Or...I will trade you a three week visit from
Rachel (over summer vaca) for half her weight in cashmere. You can feel free to put her to work around the house or just enjoy the entertainment factor.

Mary in VA said...

For the unaware, I figure the two people who might want to get rid of my sister's sheltie Angus and her daughter Rachel are my sister and her son. I'm betting on my sister as she has become a cashmere addict and I can't figure out why Trevor would want any. Hmmm, except for the fact that he might enjoy taunting his mother with the fact that he has cashmere and she doesn't!