Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well one resolution done!

Finished the Regia Bamboo socks.

The yarn was a cream color with red, pink and purple flecks. The red dye really ran, so the background is more pink now. Just as well I decided to do some lace when I got to the cuff of the first one, thinking the yarn was girly and needed a girlier cuff than just ribbing!

I also got to some knitting on Hanami last night. I really enjoy that kind of knitting. I just need more time when I can sit and focus.

There's a little problem with the other two resolutions. First, I can't seem to find Robert the Bruce. Second, now that the socks are done I really need some traveling knitting! I don't know whether I can get another WIP there or not.

More yarn arrived this week - a few more colors of Kidsilk Haze (I'm also gathering yarn for the Earth Stripe Wrap in the recent Rowan magazine), my freebie kit for renewing my Rowan membership, some sock yarn from Spritely Goods. Oh, and my Wollmeise! I got some lace yarn, three skeins of worsted weight to do her moebius pattern, and one more skein of sock yarn.

As I'm typing this I kinda decided what to do about traveling. I gifted my sister with a skein of Posh Yarn cashmere lace weight. I think we finally settled on a pattern that will work for her. I'm going to start it myself with one of my single skeins, so when she starts I'll be better able to help her.

Have I said that I run a call-in Knitting Emergency Help Line? At least for her. Its kinda funny.

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