Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Second Finishing Day - Score!

Well I had a rather last-minute finishing day on Sunday. The 3-day weekend snuck up on me. I really had to work a lot over the weekend, but decided to set aside Sunday as a finishing day for anyone that might be in town. Suzy, Margarethe, Cindy and Melodye made it for a while.

But the big news was that I really got some work done and the long-overdue Robert the Bruce is now finished.

This sweater was started a long time ago as a test knit for Glenys Franks, affectionately known on knitting lists as Toad. Unfortunately she passed away before the pattern was published.

I made a really stupid mistake - joined the shoulders when one side of the front was about 8 rows short. It took me an amazingly long time to figure out the problem, and then I had to rip out the shoulders. Given Toad's passing, I lost my motivation to finish at that point.

It is a gorgeous design though, and deserved to be finished. The best part - it is one of the best-fitting sweaters I have ever made. Funny considering I just did the test knitting and figured I'd find someone it fit when it was done.

Anyway, whereever you are, thank you Toad for a wonderful sweater.