Sunday, August 02, 2009

First Finishing Day

Well this will be a picture heavy post. Picture number 1 is Margarethe, wearing a large hank of (I believe I'm remembering this correctly) Mountain Colors wool. Like me, she's been traveling a lot the last year or so. Unlike me, she finds time to do a little exploring and yarn and stamp shopping in new locals. She said she had no idea what to do with this, but loved the color. We said, just wear it as a necklace, which then morphed into this position. We all decided that you could load it with needles, etc. and call it a knitter's bandoleer.

A common site throughout the day was Miss Baloo investigating everyone's bags. There were better shots I missed of her head down deep in a bag. I believe she's been mightily spoiled by Margarethe bringing a turkey sandwich to share (Miss Baloo gets as much of the meat as she wants, Margarethe is allowed the rest) the last few times she was here. In total disbelief that she would have forgotten this time, Miss Baloo seemed determined to find the hidden turkey sandwich.

Here we have Gayle (in green) working on a scrapbook of the trip she and Carl took over Father's Day weekend to a golf resort. She was aiming for her first scrapbook completed in the calendar year the trip was taken. She didn't finish, but got a lot done I think. Cindy (in blue to the right) worked on some cards for a card swap. Again, I don't think totally finished. And Margarethe spent most of the day winding her travel yarn purchases into balls using my big ball winder. That would have been more productive if I could just remember where my swift is!

Melodye also spent most of her visit winding yarn into balls. Though I think here she was still trying to put together her new winder from Knit Picks. Melodye came with Lydia and Lydia's granddaughter Riley Brooke (not sure I spelled that right), but somehow I missed getting a picture of them. I could swear I took at least one, but they weren't in the camera.

Last, Suzy, who I think was the only person who actually knit that day, though again I don't think finished anything. Though part of that was she ended up being the last person to leave and I distracted her at the end by introducing her to one of my favorite tv shows, Rescue Me.

And what did I do? Well I sewed the sleeves onto Robert the Bruce. Since that day I've sewed one underarm seam. So the other underarm seam, the side seams, knit on a collar and sew in ends and that could be done. I'd really love that to happen before sweater weather this year!!!!

So did anyone finish anything? Only if you count some of those skeins that were wound into balls. On the other hand, I anyway really enjoyed the day and hope my friends did also. I was surprised how many hadn't been in the house since I put in the new floors over a year ago!